Apr 25 2013

Eye Hate Rebates

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Every year, i go to the eye doctor and go through the following boring ritual:

  • Eye exam
  • Eyes dilated, which i hate and i think is overkill. She’s looking for cancer behind the eyes, right? Wouldn’t once every other year be often enough to check for this?
  • She pimps a different contact lens solution every year. (I’m convinced she’s getting rewarded somehow for these endorsements.)
  • I get chided for wearing my contact lenses for longer than two weeks at a time. I hate this part because it makes me feel like a child. I know the real reason they only want me to wear them for two weeks – so i’ll have to buy more contacts sooner. I generally ignore them and switch contacts when my eyes start to feel tired. It works fine, but the price i pay is the annual lecture.
  • They give me the rebate forms. Which i also hate.

Rebates are annoying because, well, because they are. It’s the company’s way of trying to be the Good Guy by letting you get some money back, but they make you jump through a whole lot of hoops in order to get the extra money. Why don’t you just make your product $25 less expensive? I know why – because then everyone gets the money, whereas with a rebate, a large percentage of people won’t go through the hassle. Tip: when you make something a hassle, customers aren’t pleased by it.

Lance and i switched to AT&T U-verse for internet access and our switch “entitled” us to a rebate. Woot. But guess what, you can’t file for your rebate at the time they tell you about it. You have to wait until the first bill comes, then gather the form the installation guy gave you together with the first bill, multiply 17 numbers and then do a somersault before you can submit the rebate. Then you have to wait 17 weeks to receive the rebate in the mail (because rebates stubbornly refuse to be digitized, since that would make the process too easy), being careful not to throw it away because they put it in an envelope that looks like junk mail.

I’ve just filed for the Acuvue rebate for my contact lenses. I was able to do it online for the first time this year, without submitting a dozen tiny pieces of cardboard box tops. An improvement, on first glance. But then, before i could submit my rebate, they required me to sign up for the “AcuMinder tool”. AcuMinder is going to email me to remind me when to change my contacts. You know, so they can be sure i’m not getting full 3-4 weeks usage out of them and i’ll need to buy more contacts sooner.

I’ve spent 5 minutes searching the site trying to disable the reminders. Any site where it takes me 5 minutes to find anything is either very poorly or very cleverly designed. Of course, they’ve made it difficult on purpose, so i’ll put it in the clever-but-extremely-annoying category.

I think i’m done with rebates. I’m pretty sure i can ask my eye doctor for a prescription and get it filled online without any of this rebate crap.


3 Responses to “Eye Hate Rebates”

  1. David Memphis MOJO Smith says:

    I received a post card with a certificate number telling me I had been part of a class-action settlement from Jiffy Lube (they illegally sent me a text). I am to receive $12.97! I can apply for it online!!

    Sounds too good to be true, right?

    Here’s the gotcha. I can apply for the money between 9/23/14 and 12/22/14. Um, wonder if I’ll have that postcard (and the certificate number) a year and a half from now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    SO cynical.

  3. Nathan says:

    Oh my gosh. Made me mad just reading it. So true, and so right. Glad to see you blogging again, sis!

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