Apr 19 2009

Sunday Somethings, 19Apr09

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Other participants: Kerry

Some things that made me smile this week: The square butts Burger King commercial (Sir-Mix-Alot is actually in the commercial).

I like square butts and I cannot lie
Squid and Sea Star can’t deny
When a sponge walks in, four corners and his pen
Like he got phone book implants, the crowd shouts

All the ladies stare
Dang those pants are square!
Swimming through the seaweed tangle
Is a butt with sharp right angles

Now Sponge Bob, I wanna get witch-ya
‘Cuz you’re making me rich-ah
Underwater, we keep it grungy
‘Cuz everybody knows that ‘He so spongey!’

Something i struggled with this week: Fought with the internet connection on my Mac for most of the week.  Finally got it to work yesterday, although i still do not understand what was wrong.  So of course if it reappears i’ll be stuck again.

Something tasty i ate this week: Cabbage Beef Casserole, homemade using fresh cabbage from The Produce Box.  So good.

Something i learned this week: How to cook turnips.  I’m not sure i’ve ever eaten a turnip before, actually, but now i know how to cook them.  And that i like them.

Something from the bridge table: Don’t balance when the opponents have stopped in 2NT and you have Qx of partner’s 5+ card suit and he’s on lead.

Some things i am doing towards my goals: Soon i will be able to cross off ‘learn JSL’.

Something i am reading: GodSlayer, by Jacqueline Carey

Something happening around the house: Baseball, laundry, and cooking.  What else is there?

Something i am thinking: Was anyone, particularly parents, offended by the Burger King square butts commercial?  I thought it was hilarious, but it is sending a pretty strange message.

Something i am hoping: I hope i can stop biting my nails.  I haven’t tried to stop for several years now, but i’m giving it another go.

Something i am looking forward to next week: Finishing up a project at work.

Something captured: I took a vacation day Friday, and Lance suggested we go get pedicures and manicures in the middle of the afternoon.  It was the best thing ever!


2 Responses to “Sunday Somethings, 19Apr09”

  1. Ann at HouseOfEstrogen says:

    Audrey… I’m a nail biter too. Have you ever tried Mavala?
    Look for it on Amazon. It is like clear fingernail polish
    but INSANELY bitter… tastes absolutely awful. You apply it
    every 2-3 days. It cured my daughter of her thumbsucking
    completely. It has made me stop biting my nails twice now,
    but eventually I’m back at it. :( Anyway… it does work

  2. podrey says:

    I think my parents tried something like this to try and get me from sucking my thumb when i was young. They tell me that i sucked it anyway and cried because of the taste, but eventually the taste would be gone. I haven’t tried it for nail biting though, that’s a great idea. Particularly for the absent-minded biting – the bitterness ought to jolt you out of it. Thanks!

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