Oct 14 2008


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Lance and i went to see Religulous at the Galaxy Theater the night it opened. It promised to be a good movie, with my recent dealings with my family. Also, Bill Maher is just out and out hilarious. The Galaxy is one of my favorite theaters.

And it was a great movie. Not a documentary by any means. Does Michael Moore make documentaries? I think his films are often labeled such, though i would argue they are not “true” documentaries. Religulous is even less of a documentary than Moore’s films.

But it is interesting. Maher travels around the country and around the world, interviewing various religious leaders. About 40% of the film is focused on Christianity, and he then tackles Scientology, Mormanism, Islam, and Judaism. There were a lot of good jokes and poking fun at the various religions.

After watching it, i had to do some research. Maher had told the story of Horas, the son of Isis. If Maher’s depiction is true, then Horas existed a thousand years before Jesus and performed many of the same miracles, such as walking on water, being crucified and being raised from the dead. However, my research did not confirm or deny this story of Horas. There are conflicting accounts, and I could not find a good source to verify the story of Horas as Jesus. I also found that some of the quotes used, particularly of our founding fathers, were taken out of context.

Another factoid given is that 16 percent of the U.S. population is un-/non-/anti-religious, which is a larger segment than blacks (13%), gays (3%), or NRA members (2%). If that is true, i believe getting organized is in order! That is one of Maher’s messages near the end of the movie – a call to action.  Definitely a movie worth watching.

Speaking of getting organized, some people might be interested in this link regarding Kay Hagan’s bid for a NC Senate Seat. It all started when Elizabeth Dole issued a press release criticizing her opponent, Kay Hagan, for meeting with a group of law-abiding and responsible citizens, who happen to be non-believers. Be sure to read the comments of that post – that’s the best part! Readers of Friendly Atheist were so disgusted by Dole’s behavior that many of them, most of whom are out-of-state, have contributed money to Hagan’s campaign.

Since then, Dole has begun an outright smear campaign against Hagan, for being associated with and supported by web sites like “Friendly Atheist”. I guess Dole doesn’t think that everyone deserves representation. Vote for Kay Hagan in three weeks!

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    How bout Americans Against Religion in Politics, sounds good to me. I’ll join

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